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We are delivering the technology and team for publishers to succeed in online video and mobile advertising. Meet the people.

Technology at the Core

Our mission is to build powerful technology that simplifies programmatic advertising. See the platform.

A Smart Video Advertising Platform for Publishers

Analyze Your Data

From audience insight and buyer performance to fraud and viewability reporting, our reinvented dashboard allows you to wield the power of big data.

Expand Your Inventory

There’s a whole world beyond 300×250. Our smart ad units expand your most valuable inventory and viewable video impressions. Now that’s premium.

Grow Your Revenue

Our competition engine dynamically selects advertiser with the highest probability to fill. Some call it better yield optimization—we call it happier publishers.

#1Independent Video SSP

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210BTransactions Per Month


20BMonthly Auctions

"We work with people we trust and like. The Altitude Digital team is knowledgeable, fast and refreshingly proactive in delivering high quality service that translates into performance. Their commitment to publishers really shows."

Elizabeth Cowley, SVP Global Partnerships

"It’s evident in what they do that Altitude Digital is committed to helping publishers solve the challenges of managing their video inventory programmatically. Simply said, we trust them and enjoy working with their team."

Luis Montoya, Programmatic Sales Manager

"Altitude is by far the largest and fastest growing independent video sell-side platform (SSP) in the market. The programmatic advertiser sector, where Altitude squarely sits, is absolutely where the market is heading."

Brian Andersen
Luma Partners

We are the People Behind Programmatic

We aren’t another faceless tech company. We pair our powerful platform and products with people that love what they do, and do it with flair. We are ad tech Rockstars. Get to know us.

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MediaPost Publishing Insider Summit Asheville

What does it take to generate more revenue from the smallest screens. What are the economics behind video production, content studios, events, and e-commerce? Who has reconnoitered promising, sustainable streams. What does a coherent media business strategy look like now? At the second Publishing Insider Summit, MediaPost will try to answer these pressing questions for publishers.

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IAB Ad Operations Summit New York City

Ad Operations is undergoing a paradigm shift in both structure and execution. The IAB Ad Operations Summit will address the challenges facing the industry and take deep dives into how operation professionals can build the fixes for them.

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AdMonsters Publisher Forum La Jolla

An unparalleled conference for 100 leaders in digital ad operations and technology. AdMonsters Publisher Forum attendees will connect directly with technology service providers while sharing knowledge and learn from each other during attendee-led sessions.

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