Quality Inventory and Audiencesfor Advertisers

Advertisers want unique, fraud-free, viewable inventory that drives engagement and performance across all screens. Lucky for you, when you partner with us you gain access to cutting-edge brand safety technology and a team of experts that you’ll love working with.

Partnership Approach. Happy Advertisers.

Why Advertisers Partner with Altitude Digital

Rapid Growth of Supply

One of the fastest growing video supply sources with a focus on direct and large player inventory

Highly Engaged Audiences

High traffic quality delivers campaign performance with detailed pre and post-bid analytics

Quality Assurance

Fraud, viewability and transparency technology ensures only quality impressions

Flexible Terms

Competitive payment terms with no minimums

Fast & Intuitive Platform

Actionable data analytics and robust reporting for buyers

Premium Service

Dedicated account team focused on building quality partnerships

Setting The New Standard for Viewability

ARENA viewability technology identifies viewable video impressions before they hit an exchange, increasing the transparency and efficiency in the programmatic video buying process.

Advertisers can directly target and bid on viewable impressions, eliminating wasted ad spend. At the same time, publishers are able to track their level of viewable impressions and use this data to improve fill rates, increase CPMs and better meet advertiser demand.

Inventory Quality Management

Make Every Impression Count

We are serious about inventory quality, which is why every impression undergoes a rigorous screening process, including:

Pre-Opportunity Fraud Protection

Our first-of-its-kind fraud detection technology is built on Integral Ad Science’s Quality Engine, filtering non-human traffic (NHT) on a pre-opportunity basis before it ever reaches our demand partners. Rigorous publisher screenings and a dedicated quality assurance team lets you rest easy knowing that your ads will only appear on quality websites and be seen by human beings.

Domain Transparency

True URL reporting identifies potentially fraudulent domains or suspicious traffic to give advertisers peace of mind that they are buying quality inventory.

Viewability Reporting

With 3rd party integrations for post campaign viewability reporting, you will know when your ads are being seen.

Our commitment to quality

Premier Advertiser Side Client Services

We’ve coupled premium supply with premium service from our dedicated demand team—nearly all of which came from the buy-side with experience from industry pioneers. They understand what matters to advertisers and work tirelessly to make sure campaigns hum. Our consultative approach helps buyers seamlessly integrate with our platform and access the right publishers and audience for any campaign.

Flexible Buying Options

Seamless Integrations to Altitude Supply

Start boosting your video campaign performance by integrating with Altitude in one of three simple ways:

Video RTB
Connect directly through the Altitude RTB exchange to access quality video inventory at scale and optimize with data-rich insights. Our publisher focused technology and sales means that we are adding new supply everyday.

Private Marketplace
Cut through the noise and reach your target audience through our Private Marketplaces. Our PMPs give buyers a first look at billions of monthly desktop and mobile video impressions, allowing access to our high-quality inventory at competitive rates.

Deploy your display and mobile campaigns seamlessly using our tag-based demand.