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Facebook’s LiveRail Cans Some Ad Network Customers As It Goes Direct-To-Publisher

In a large push to go direct-to-publisher, Facebook’s LiveRail has announced it will be cutting ties with an undisclosed number of third-party resellers of their desktop video inventory. This shift toward more quality supply follows a similar move by AppNexus, which has abolished impression resale on its platform and thus dramatically consolidated its supply chain. Learn More.

youtube-red-logoYouTube Red, A $9.99 Site-Wide Ad-Free Subscription With Google Play Music

YouTube has rolled out a new $9.99 subscription for ad-free video viewing, select video content and access to Google Play in a feature dubbed “Youtube Red.” YouTube Red will split subscription revenue with the rights holders of content people consume through the service. Users that do not enroll in the service will continue to experience the original ad-supported version of YouTube as before. Plans for exclusive Red content and video series are planned for launch next year. Learn More.

DISH Opens A Programmatic Exchange, Enables RTB

DISH, currently in 8 million addressable households nationwide, has launched a programmatic marketplace and SSP running on IPONWEB. Initial demand partners include Rocket Fuel, TubeMogul and DataXu. After an unspecified beta test period, DISH will open up the platform to more demand partners and trading desks. Although DISH has allowed for household-level targeting since 2008, this new move will allow them to target impressions in real time. Learn More.

IAB ‘Leans’ Into Ad Block Solution, Says ‘We Messed Up’

To address ad blocking, the IAB’s Tech Lab has issued a set of principles intended to guide the next phases of technical standards for the digital advertising supply chain. It will be called LEAN (“Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive ads.”) “We messed up,” IAB Senior Vice President-Technology Scott Cunningham concedes, referring to the rush to build the early Internet’s technical infrastructure without anticipating the impact the current state of intrusive advertising. Learn More.

He’s Back! Bogusky Returns To Advertising, This Time It’s Programmatic Video

Alex Bogusky, the poster child for Madison Avenue creativity, is returning for the first time since leaving Crispin Porter + Bogusky five years ago, and this time he has set his sights on the programmatic video advertising business. Bogusky’s new venture, called Visibl, is described as a self-serve programmatic platform that allows small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to run hyper-targeted video ad campaigns across major sites such as CNN, and The New York Times for as little as $50. Read More.

Programmatic Drives 10-15% Of NBCUniversal’s Total Digital Upfront Business

NBC transacted up to 15% of their entire digital business programmatically this year, noticeably increasing their automated video efforts. “We had been very active previously with our programmatic offering principally around display, but we wanted to evaluate how we could balance audience targeting at scale against premium content for our clients with video.” It is clear that their agency clients want deeper automation and more of a “portfolio” buy across all NBCU properties. Learn More.

Wearable Usage Will Grow by Nearly 60% This YearWearables

eMarketer’s first wearables forecast found a jump of 57.7% in usage over 2014, with 39 million US adults now using a wearable device. eMarketer expects this to double by 2018, to 81.7 million users. However, “The consensus among the experts we consulted was that advertising will not appear in volume on wearables until one or more of the devices attains significant market share.” Learn More.