Altitude Digital Ad Tech Digest

Catch up on the latest ad tech news and insights. This week’s installment features information on the latest ad blocking studies, YouTube’s foray into 360-degree video and Facebook’s plans to offer publishers in-stream video monetization.

GroupM Questions Digital’s ‘Integrity,’ Estimates Ad-Blocking Averaging 22%

downloadAccording to a recent GroupM report, there continues to be a “lack of hard facts on the state of ad-blocking.” However, based on data from 19 countries they found that ad-blockers were installed on an average of 22% of consumers’ devices. France, Poland and Austria had the highest rates of ad blocking, each coming in at greater than 30%. Read More.

Looking For Programmatic Everything In 2016? Keep Waiting

The industry will continue to strengthen the programmatic foundation in 2016 through acquisitions, infrastructure and transparency. However, there is still a long road ahead until traditional media fully embraces programmatic. Jeremy Ostermiller shares these hurdles with Adotas. Read more.

Programmatic Increases Cost, But Produces Better-Performing Ads

Although programmatic buying and selling produces much stronger results, GroupM’s Adam Smith tells MediaPost that “every layer of data adds significant cost,” and at a certain point the amount of data and investment reaches a point of excess. Finding a proper balance through strategic partnerships is important for publishers and advertisers looking to generate returns while adequately addressing issues like fraud and viewability. Read More. Live 360-Degree Video, YouTube Fires a Shot Across Facebook’s Bow

YouTube beat Facebook to the live 360-degree video market. YouTube recently announced that it would start allowing content creators to stream the virtual reality-style videos in real time, taking viewers right into concerts like Coachella. It’s unclear if YouTube will be able to get commercials into 360 live streams right away. However, several companies are developing the technology to shoot VR commercials that could fit into such an environment. Read More.

Publishers Strike Back at a Browser That Replaces Their Ads

JavaScript Creator Brendan Eich has released a a browser called Brave that will automatically block third-party ads and replace them with its own “privacy-friendly” ads, distributing a percentage of revenue to publishers, their data partner and to users. Although it’s still in beta, many publishers are fighting back, calling the practice “blatantly illegal.” Read More.

Facebook is Promising Live-video Publishers In-Stream Ad Options

Facebook has announced that they plan to give publishers the ability to monetize their live video content with in-stream advertising. According to publishers, pre-roll is likely off the table, and commercials that play during downtimes (i.s. natural commercial breaks) in a live broadcast are more plausible. Product details will be announced officially in coming months. Read More.