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Denver’s Altitude Digital Rides a Rising Business Tide as it Plans Expansion

Altitude Digital recently received $30M in funding from from FastPay Partners to further develop our proprietary technologies, invest in data centers and expand our international presence. The Denver Business Journal speaks with Founder & CEO Jeremy Ostermiller about his vision for the future of Altitude Digital. Learn more.

Engagement Metrics Can Help Publishers Detect Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is present across all layers of the advertising ecosystem, but there are certain behavioral factors that can help predict the presence of fraudulent bots. CTO Manny Puentes discusses these metrics along with strategies publishers can use to identify bots with AdExchanger. Learn more.



Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.21.28 PMAdBlock Plus Defeats German Publishers in Court

Legal precedent has been set in favor of ad blocking after German publishers took AdBlock Plus to trial, claiming the product was anti-competitive, violates the freedom of press and threatens online publishers’ ability to make money. As ad blocking grows in popularity, with almost 30% of younger internet surfers currently using ad blocking software, this decision could have potential long-term affects for content providers. Learn more.


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Will Facebook Finally Pass YouTube for Video Ads?

According to research by Mixpo, Facebook is set to pass YouTube in video ad usage this year. 9 in 10 US advertising executives polled said they planned to run a video ad campaign on Facebook in the coming year—the highest response rate out of all networks studied. With increased advertiser interest, users should expect to see an increasing amount of video ads popping up on their News Feeds. Learn more.

New Study Backs Up IAB’s 70 Percent Viewability Threshold Recommendation

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.22.33 PMA new report from Sizmek backs up the IAB’s 70 percent viewability threshold after analyzing over 240 billion ad impressions. In the study, they found that rich media units were more likely to be viewable (and in turn had higher CTRs). Additionally, ads sold direct generally had higher viewability than those sold programmatically. As the industry transitions to buying and selling ads on a “viewable impression” basis, expect to see more value placed on the viewable rich media ad units. Learn more.

Expect More Programmatic Ads to Pop Up on Mobile

Programmatic ad spending will continue on a solid growth trajectory in 2015, rising nearly 50% to $14.88 billion, or 55.0% of total digital display ad spending, eMarketer estimates. Programmatic mobile is expected to experience the highest level of growth, nearly doubling in 2015 to , while programmatic video came in second according to recent studies.  Learn more.

Programmatic Ad Spend In Europe Jumped 250% In 2014

Adform’s “RTB Trend Report” found that European programmatic ad spend increased by over 250% in 2014, an “indication of the ecosystem’s confidence that the tactic is better suited to meet their goals.”  Unlike in the U.S., European private exchanges saw a dip in overall spend compared to 2013. Adform theorizes this dip was “probably due to the vast increase in overall programmatic spending during the holiday season.” Learn more.