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After Addressing Initial Video Viewability, These are the Metrics That Matter

As video commands a larger portion of advertising budgets, it’s not surprising that video viewability has become a chief industry concern, with many investing heavily in developing solutions. But once this issue is satisfactorily addressed, marketers need to know what other metrics matter. Jeremy Ostermiller discusses completion rates, engagement, post-campaign conversions and other important video metrics outside of viewability with MediaPost. Read more.

AOL Debuts Video Formats That Augment Pre-Roll Spots

AOL has developed five new interactive video ad formats that aim to update to the pre-roll format that currently dominates video advertising. The new video ads will run across AOL properties such as The Huffington Post, TechCrunch and AOL.com, and will be available programmatically through AOL’s ONE Platform. The spots offer interactive elements designed to drive engagement. For example, the ability to interlay media galleries, a store locator, polls and quizzes, coupons or movie show times. Read more.

unnamedAs Univision Begins and 18-Month Partnership with SnapChat, Will The Platform Prove Its Value

Univision is about to embark on an 18-month partnership with Snapchat. The goal of the partnership is to develop and host as much original content as possible on SnapChat’s Live Stories feature and to sell advertising against the content. This partnership will give Snapchat a opportunity to prove it’s value as a content hosting platform for broadcasters and brand advertisers alike. Read more.

YouTube Beware: Facebook Will Start Sharing AD Revenue with Video Creators

In a full-on attack against YouTube, Facebook will offer video content providers a revenue share for providing video content in their new Suggested Videos stream, which will be separate from the News Feed. In the new Suggested Videos stream, video content will be selected and shown to users based off their personal interests alongside Facebook video ads. Content providers will get a a significant portion (55%) of the ad revenue generated in this new stream. Read more.

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Marketers Prep for an Autoplay Onslaught

In light of Facebook and Twitter’s new autoplay videos, marketers are finding the metrics they have grown accustomed to with 30-second pre-rolls don’t necessarily conform to autoplay formats that live in a feed. “We stopped looking at video views as a metric,” said Mike Hayes, global digital marketing manager for Ben & Jerry’s. “We’re now focused on retention and completed video views.” Realizing this shift, Facebook and Twitter are looking beyond selling video on a simple CPM basis. Read more.

People Will Spend an Hour a Day Watching Online Video Next Year

According to a new report from ZenithOptimedia, people will spend one hour a day watching online video (23% increase) by 2016 with mobile expected to be the leading source of online video consumption. By 2017, online video is expected to make up 12.8%, or one eighth, of global digital ad spend. Read more.

Full Screen Interactive Units Boast Best Brand Recall

As digital ad spending continues to surge, advertisers must choose the optimal ad formats for cutting through the clutter. Recent research from Undertone and Ipsos Connect indicates that standard placements just don’t cut it anymore: Full-screen interactive ads are critical for ad recall, especially on mobile. Read more.

73% of Publishers Vow to Provide More Video Inventory to Meet Advertiser Demand

According to Forrester, 73% of publishers have pledged to inject more video inventory into the market in response to market demand. The study, conducted on behalf of Teads, surveyed 529 advertiser decision makers from brands, agencies and media owners globally, and revealed that the lack of premium video inventory in the market is holding back growth in online video advertising. Read more.