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IAB Releases Native RTB Specifications

As native and programmatic converge, the IAB has officially released OpenRTB 2.3, a set of native ad specifications to spell out how marketers should buy and sell native ads in the programmatic marketplace, which could lead to a standardized way of trading native ads programmatically. Learn more.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 6.24.01 PMFacebook Drops More Than 15 Companies From FBX

Facebook has decertified more than half of its Facebook Exchange (FBX) marketing partners, including Adobe, (AOL), Rocket Fuel, IgnitionOne and Dotomi/Conversant (Epsilon). Downsizing the FBX partner set is consistent with Facebook’s long-range focus on building out its own RTB capabilities through its API and Custom Audiences program, which lets advertisers apply first- and third party data to create Facebook audience segments of their customers and prospects. Learn more.

TAG Unveils Anti-Piracy Program At IAB Leadership Meeting

IAB’s TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) has launched a new anti-piracy campaign called the “Brand Integrity Program Against Piracy.” The purpose of TAG’s voluntary program is to combat click fraud, malware and a lack of transparency in digital advertising. They intend to get advertisers to use “validated tools and services to identify and prevent advertising from running on websites and other properties that present an unacceptable risk.” Learn more.

Evan SpiegelSnapchat Valuation Pegged At $19B, Media Brands Invest In Service

Snapchat, which recently released its Discover feature for publishers, is raising another $500M in an effort to seek an estimated $19B valuation. While this valuation would be in line with other tech startups like Twitter and WhatsApp, Snapchat’s promise not to store user data poses a unique challenge for advertisers, and may pose challenges as the the platform solidifies its revenue model. Learn more.

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Video Metrics: Marketers Favor Views, Conversions, Brand Lift

According to a recent study conducted by BrightRoll, click-through rates (CTRs) have become much less important to advertisers running video ad campaigns. Instead, they are now valuing completed views, conversions, and brand lift as the three most important campaign metrics due in large part to video’s advanced programmatic targeting tools. 60% of agencies surveyed expect the largest increase in digital media spend to come in mobile video. Learn more.

Programmatic Video To Be A Focus In 2015

Recent research finds nearly four times as many agencies expect to spend the majority of their digital video ad budget via programmatic in 2015 compared to 2014. One in four plan to dedicate a majority of digital video budgets to programmatic channels in 2015, up from just 6% the year before. Over one-third (35%) plan to dedicate “around half” of their budgets to programatic this year, up from 32% last year. Mobile video is expected to grow fastest. Learn more.
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Mobile Video Advertising has a Huge Future

According to a new eMarketer report, mobile video ads doubled last year, making it the fastest growing area in digital advertising (and advertising as a whole). As TV viewers continue to go mobile, in-app video is refined, targeting becomes more effective and download speeds increase, 2015 will surely be the year that mobile video advertising takes off. Learn more.

Programmatic Targeting Impacting Physical Shopping

Rocket Fuel recently launched “Local Lift” in the U.S., which allows advertisers to run mobile campaigns aimed at driving in-store traffic. They claim that targeting through its new offering has led to a 41.3% lift in store visits. The company uses Placed, a location-based ad targeting firm, for attribution. This news is in line with the latest in a string of stories that have tied ad tech to the physical world, including Time Inc.’s programmatic print ads and “physical retargeting.” Learn more.