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Altitude Digital Founder & CEO, Jeremy Ostermiller, joined the Forbes Agency Council earlier this year. Since his invitation to join this highly curated board, Ostermiller has been able to impart small tidbits of wisdom on readers. Recently, he was quoted in two articles.

Seven Tips for Keeping Your Cool In the Midst of a PR Crisis

jostermiller_220x220No one wants to wake up to a PR nightmare, but sometimes the inevitable strikes. At the first stirrings of a crisis, Ostermiller urges readers to remain calm:

“When dealing with a crisis PR situation, it is very important to take a step back, breathe and look at all possible options. The worst thing you can do is overreact and make the situation worse. I would recommend talking to a mentor or someone in your peer group who can give you a second perspective.”

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Eight Ways to Put a Creative Spin on Promoting Client News

What happens when you have big company news to promote, but the topic isn’t considered all too enticing to the media? Ostermiller recommends first and foremost to be relatable:

“Always relate your news back to an industry challenge or void that you address. No one cares about the new feature that you released or the new hire you made. Find something that your audience cares about and relate it back to that. In my experience, the news stories that get the most pickup are usually the ones that are not self-promotional. Focus on building your brand instead.”

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mpuentes3_220x220How to Invest In a Big Data Platform

Chief Technology Officer Manny Puentes is also a council member, sitting on the Forbes Technology Council. He recently penned a highly popular byline discussing the absolute necessity of business investment into big data. As industries become increasingly data-driven, Puentes provides valuable guidance for companies seeking to delve into the world of big data.

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By Niki Hale
Marketing & Design Associate