As part of our company culture it’s our goal for employees to feel welcomed, appreciated, recognized and are rewarded for their efforts. One of the ways we recognize employees for their hard work is with an Altitude Rockstar Spotlight program. Altitude Digital colleagues, including our management team, acknowledge employees that have exemplified their commitment in service, leadership and overall quality of work performed. There are perks for being in the Spotlight. In addition to receiving our unique, fun and creative Altitude Digital trophy, employees receive a certificate of accomplishment, gift card and other incentives.

Altitude Rockstar Spotlight

Max Gideon, VP of Mobile


Joining us from Zynga, Max is a mobile master. As one of the first people to ever partake in an ad exchange over eight years ago, he brings a wide span of ad tech expertise to the Altitude team. Based out of San Francisco, Max enjoys his trips to Colorado to visit our home office and his old stomping grounds at CU Boulder.

What’s your favorite part about being an Altitude Digital Rockstar?
Altitude Digital has an amazing culture and awesome team of people to work with. I’m honored to receive this award and my favorite part would be having a few pats on the back and congrats from everyone.

Describe your position with the company.
I’m the head of our mobile advertising division and am responsible for the long-term and day-to-day vision and execution of this business line.

If someone were considering working at Altitude Digital what would you tell him or her?
Altitude Digital is for people who like to work hard, are eager to learn and want to be a part of something special. We are building the world’s best Premium Programmatic Platform and are on the cutting edge of the video advertising space. If someone’s evaluating Altitude Digital, they just need to walk through the office and they’ll fully understand the energy and excitement shared by it’s employees.

Tell us something unique about yourself.
I’m left-handed!

Favorite band?
That’s a hard, potentially impossible question! I’ll go with Creedence Clearwater Revival as my favorite band and their song Green River.