Altitude Rockstar Spotlight

As part of our company culture it’s our goal for employees to feel welcomed, appreciated, recognized and are rewarded for their efforts. One of the ways we recognize employees for their hard work is with an Altitude Rockstar Spotlight program. Altitude Digital colleagues, including our management team, acknowledge employees that have exemplified their commitment in service, leadership and overall quality of work performed. In addition to receiving our unique, fun and creative Altitude Digital trophy, employees receive a certificate of accomplishment, gift card and other incentives for their nomination.

Meghan Karcher, Director of Operations, Trafficking & Policy


Meghan’s humility and strong work ethic make her a manager to be reckoned with, but above all, respected. Her team will tell you that she constantly challenges them to do their best work and provides the support they need to achieve their goals. Around the office, Meghan is easy going and a confident comedian. Outside of work, she and her girlfriend are the proud parents to not one, but two teacup Yorkies, Titus and Tegan. Congratulations on winning this Rockstard Award, Meghan—it is well deserved!

What’s your favorite part about being an Altitude Digital Rockstar?
I learn something new every day.  They say, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” I’ve always felt like I belonged here—like I have something to offer the company and the people that make it.

Describe your position with the company.
As Director of Trafficking, I do a ton of creating and optimizing processes as needed which consists of working within the Operations Wiki and communicating out to the Operations team. I traffic mobile & video supply & demand tags into the ARENA platform, working closely internally with all departments to ensure efficiency and that changes in process are communicated.

If someone were considering working at Altitude Digital, what would you tell him or her?
I try to sell career opportunities at Altitude Digital every chance I get! Altitude Digital is a place where I’m happy to go to work every day and feel appreciated and listened to. I, of course need to get a good feel of positive mindset and work ethic out of the individual.

Tell us something unique about yourself.
I used to get lost a whole lot as a kid in crowded places. I would disappear at the beach and my mom would find me hanging with the lifeguards. I think I’d get anxiety from crowds and flee the first chance I’d get. I tend to continue this behavior today, the first chance I get, I bolt… in bars, airports, casinos, county fairs, shopping malls, hot air balloon festivals. Maybe I always felt the need to create my own path? I’m still trying to figure out why I do it.

Favorite band? Favorite song?
Billy Joel is my all time favorite RockStar. As a 7yr old girl growing up on Long Island, my favorite song was “River of Dreams”. Now, I suppose “My Life” is most fitting.