Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.20.36 PMThe publishing world is being transformed by real-time processes and Big Data. This past week, top publishers, brand marketers and industry professionals gathered at Mediapost’s Publishing Insider Summit in Key Largo to discuss how media companies can embrace, manage and monetize the data-driven revolution.

Panel: “Audience Extension and Publishers As Agencies”

Publishers now have the tools to buy audiences as easily as agencies. Why shouldn’t they become experts in selling advertisers larger reach that extends outside of their own portfolio? What is the promise and peril around audience extension in a programmatic age? How can publishers sell more inventory than they have without putting their clients at risk?

These were the questions that CEO Jeremy Ostermiller, Kenny Rosenblatt (President, Arkadium), Connie Spence (Senior Director, Krux) and Tim Trevathan (SVP Publisher Solutions, Defy Media) sought to answer on Friday’s panel, “Audience Extension and Publishers As Agencies.”

Moderated by MediaPost’s columnist Bob Garfield, the panel discussed the implications of audience extension—a practice in which digital publishers generate extra revenue by allowing advertisers to reach audiences far beyond their website. Garfield, who is a self proclaimed “finder of faults,” was not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Topics covered include site masking, viewability, non-human traffic, arbitrage and several other general concerns currently associated with the practice. Watch the video below to learn more about audience extension and what it means for publishers, advertisers and ad tech.