Not all real time bidding advertising platforms are built alike. The data that you use to figure out advertising optimization may not be entirely available to you on every single real time bidding platform. A recent article from Marketing Land columnist James Moore outlines the four types of campaign data you’re “not seeing” in display. This information could come in handy when you’re choosing a real time bidding platform for your company.

Moore points out that segmented data often means loss of long-tail information that could be useful when targeting customers. For example, he explains that the difference between customers searching for “Michael Kors sale” and “Michael Kors couture” could be quite different. He also explains that when ads are being served on an advertiser network could also be important. Moore says, “Knowing that your audience engaged in some undisclosed action in some unknown time window over the last thirty days is a dangerous way to go to market.”

Knowing exactly where an ad was served could also be important. While much of the benefit of real time bidding advertising comes from not having to make decisions about which sites are the most relevant to your customers, having this information can still be valuable to companies. As Moore points out, learning where your ads were served could help you be more strategic with future purchases through online ad networks.

Finally, Moore suggests learning what the “true cost” of each ad is. He points out that “fully managed” real time bidding can sometimes obscure the cost-per-click, impression or acquisition. Moore suggests that marketers ask for better visibility from real time bidding advertising providers. In fact, if you’re serious about getting the best data possible from your campaign, you could even use these information points to choose a vendor in the first place.

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