Plenty of mythology surrounds real time bidding advertising, even in 2013. However, customers looking for a Google Adsense alternative, especially those interested in moving into video advertising, may find that real time bidding advertising is more of a viable alternative these days. MediaPost recently published an article debunking 4 myths that surround mobile video advertising via a real time bidding platform.

The first myth author Matt Young explores is the issue of formatting. Many of today’s advertisers feel that they need separately designed creative for mobile devices. While this can be helpful, particularly if you’re interested in doing interactive video, it’s not necessary. Advertisers can use the same 15 or 30 second spot on multiple screens, from TV to mobile.

Next, Young tackles the notion that, without cookies, real time bidding advertising can’t succeed. This is no longer the case, thanks to increased non-identifiable data capturing. Combining data points allows advertisers to get fairly specific about who it is they’re targeting. As Young says,

“In real time, they can crosscheck each ad request against sets of IDs already stored on their platform and decide which ad to serve. While it’s not the silver bullet of a universal cookie, buying platforms utilizing RTB certainly have the ability to target well beyond geography and context. Today, buyers of mobile video RTB can identify a specific anonymous user at the point of the ad request, match that user with other users they’ve seen before on either mobile or Web, and serve them the targeted pre-roll creative.”

Young also points out that video simply works better than display advertising on mobile devices. The small screens make banner ads challenging. However, video gives the consumer a chance to get directly involved in a brand’s story. Young also explains that “some ad platforms also let advertisers add survey-based research to measure the impact of their mobile video campaigns, helping to provide validation that mobile video positively affects brand metrics.”

Finally, Young explains that video inventory on real time bidding platform options is already at scale. He says that billions of impressions are available to advertisers each month on premium websites. Although Young says that mobile advertising has not yet hit its zenith, “successful campaign execution through mobile video RTB is achievable today.

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