I have spent my career starting, running or investing in technology companies. The past 7 years I’ve been on the investment side at Mercato Partners, a leading growth capital firm and Altitude Digital’s lead investor. I recently accepted the post as Altitude’s CMO and it’s exciting to get back to my entrepreneurial roots. Many of the same reasons I chose to join Altitude are the reasons Mercato chose to invest in the company including:

Joe GroverSetting the Pace. Altitude Digital is involved in a dynamic, rapidly evolving industry of digital advertising. Just look at the Lumascape and you’ll get a sense for both the opportunity and challenges faced by ad tech companies. Altitude Digital is one of the fastest growing companies in Colorado and has been the 54th fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine for two consecutive years.

Video is the Best Storyteller. It’s a brand builder, message maker and revenue generator for publishers. Video is at the foundation of what we are building at Altitude Digital. Our technology helps publishers expand their video inventory and allows advertisers to deliver their messages through the most powerful and persuasive medium. Altitude is one of the fastest growing online video advertising marketplaces. Period.

Technology Transformation. Online advertising is rapidly moving towards automation and programmatic buying and selling. The Altitude Digital team has built the company with a culture of lean execution and transformed a service model to a technology platform. Altitude ARENA is a Generation 2 SSP purpose built to optimize both video and display in a unified platform. This new technology blended with our roots as a client-focused organization positions Altitude for the future of programmatic advertising.

The future is bright.