According to an article on online marketing news site, media agencies are making more use of native video advertisements on “owned media channels” than elsewhere.

Native videos are online brand videos that are considered to be standalone content in partnership with a publisher site. These videos include sponsored posts on Facebook, YouTube or other social media networks. Owned media channels include brand websites and social media accounts. According to the article, nearly three-quarters of high-level U.S. media agencies have distributed brand videos on these channels.

Altitude Digital is one of the companies that helps to post online video advertising. Through its video supply platform, Visualtising, companies can monetize and optimize video content.

More media agencies are considering native video campaigns to be on par with regular PR campaigns. As this continues, native video could become a core part of marketing because it facilitates easier and quicker brand lift, sharing and cost efficiency. Sharing, in particular, has become an important role in online video marketing.

The article states:

The consensus on objectives for online video campaigns of all kinds (including pre-roll, owned channels, native advertising, etc.) was that awareness is key—94.6% of respondents were looking to achieve that end. After that came branding (67%) and brand affinity and advocacy (45.5%).

As online video advertising becomes more accepted by companies and target audiences, native videos become more useful. This acceptance leads to audiences requesting ads that are less interruptive like pre-roll or in-steam advertising are.

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