Last year, millennial viewers spent more time glued to their digital media devices than to their televisions. This data comes from a new study by Videology and Nielsen, who found 34 percent of those surveyed to tuned into more online video than broadcasted shows.

Nielsen has been building the tools to measure digital viewers much like it does on TV, and Videology hopes to use this information to better understand how media planners can launch campaigns and reach targeted demographics across the various digital channels.

“Everyone knows that they’ve got to be in video, and this year the conversations have begun in earnest. If this year is the tipping point, next year, we’ll begin to see the consistent flow of dollars between screens,” Videology CEO Scott Ferber told AdWeek.

There are estimates that digital ad spending could surpass traditional TV by as early as 2018. However, Ferber notes that if advertisers want their online video campaigns to succeed, they should maintain a balanced  approach. That means using TV’s  influence for certain demographic groups while also tapping into the growing power of online video for the millennials and younger targets.