Programmatic Advertising

The Top 10 Infographics, Videos and Resources

As programmatic advertising continues to grow, so does the confusion regarding how it actually works. It’s no wonder – with SSPs, DSPs, ad exchanges and trading desks all working together to serve ads in an RTB environment, it is easy to lose sight on how all the pieces fit together.

However, the programmatic adtech world is really just an extension of the traditional two-party system of media buyers (agencies and brands) and sellers (publishers). The various programmatic technologies in between each play a unique role in automating and optimizing this process at scale.

You just need to understand what’s being sold, who is selling it, and how it is being consumed. Below are some of our favorite materials from around the web to help to clarify the programmatic advertising ecosystem.

**Note: To learn more, check out our crash-course in programmatic TV and addressable TV technology.

1. The Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Bizo’s Co-Founder Mark Dye delivers a great two-part video overview of the current digital advertising ecosystem. Digital Advertising Ecosystem 101 provides a quick historical perspective of digital advertising leading up to the creation of 3rd party advertising networks. The second video (below) describes how these led to the need for supply-side platforms (SSPs), demand-side platforms (DSPs) and agency trading desks to help create a real time bidding environment.

2. What is Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Perhaps the industry’s most popular buzzword, real time bidding (RTB) is an essential part of programmatic advertising (don’t get the two confused!). Google Your Business explains how the system works to bring better targeting and ROI in 1/3 of a second!

3. The Life of an Ad

What exactly happens in the 1/3 of a second it takes to deliver an ad? This insightful infographic from Turn breaks it down:

The life of an ad - Programmatic Advertising

4. Behind the Banner

CMSummit, BattelleMedia, and Adobe teamed up with The Office for Creative Research to bring us an impressive animated look at the life of a display ad. Starting with an example user’s digital profile, we see how an impression request is generated and bid upon in an RTB environment:

Behind The Banner

5. IAB’s Programmatic Ecosystem

The IAB’s infographic is a great resource to print out or bookmark if you ever forget how all the programmatic pipes fit together:


6. The Display LUMAscape

Which adtech companies actually provide each service? LUMA’s Display and Video LUMAscapes help to answer that question.

Display LUMAscape - Programmatic

7. The Video LUMAscape

While there are similarities, the different technologies and companies involved in video give us a unique digital landscape from display. Take a look at our Video SSP post for clarification on this new category.

Video LUMAscape - Programmatic Media

8. The New Laws of the Media Universe

PulsePoint takes a look at “The New Laws of The Media Universe” and break down the factors that affect programmatic media buying mathematically. Don’t let the tongue-in-cheek Einstein formulas fool you; there is a lot to be learned.

Laws of Programmatic Media

9. Programmatic Marketing: It’s a Whole New Ballgame

DataXu takes a look at how consumer and behavior has changed, and how marketers are responding using programmatic.


10. IAB’s Glossary of Interactive Advertising Terms

The ultimate guide for anybody looking to win digital advertising trivia night! While our glossary of advertising terms & FAQs will contain most of what you need to know, this guide contains 30 pages chock-full of industry relevant terms.

Other Resources

Want to Know More?

Even with a firm grasp on the mechanics of programmatic advertising, it takes unique technology and skills to run a successful campaign. If you are an agency or publisher looking to harness the power of programmatic display or video advertising, please contact us and we will get you started!


By Forrest Whaling (@fwhaling)
Senior Marketing Manager