12734191_976602589043966_1297881537892538553_nYesterday was national Random Acts of Kindness Day, so Altitude Digital decided to treat our team with some food, beer and games at the Denver Athletic Club; however, we wanted to consider kindness on a much larger scale. Many of our employees do charitable work and many more have been seeking their own philanthropic niche. As a company, we encourage and support these efforts and always wish to provide additional opportunities for our team. So, to truly get in the spirit, we invited several spokespeople from local nonprofit organizations to speak to us about the importance of giving back to our communities and to present upcoming volunteer opportunities.


Youth on Record

YORlogo1000px-940x705 (1)Our nation is experiencing an educational crisis; in the city of Denver, over half of all high school students will not graduate. In the neighborhood where Youth on Record is located, the drop-out rate is an astonishing 80%. Because of this, the organization is committed to using musical education to ensure that low-income and at-risk youth in Denver stay in school, develop valuable skills and nurture a deep passion for music. Their success stories are heartwarming and inspiring. Altitude Digital has been honored to work with Youth on Record for several years now, as our CEO Jeremy Ostermiller sat as one of the original board members. Learn more about how you can get involved.

Denver Achievement Academy

be75c44a82d1fab29e17b4e755bf9bd7Another organization seeking to address this education crisis is the Denver Achievement Academy, which works directly with disadvantaged students to improve their scholastic success. By providing attentive and customized tutoring, engaging the students in community service and keeping them active by training them in various sports, the DAA seeks to offer stability to youth so they can remain on track to graduate, develop essential skills and feel like an integral part of their own communities. Learn more about volunteering.

Women’s Global Empowerment Fund

Our Director of Publisher sales, Mike Powl, sits on the board for the Women’s Global WGEF_trans_clean (1)Empowerment Fund and was grateful to have the opportunity to share his experiences with our team. A Colorado-based nonprofit, the WGE Fund supports women in northern Uganda, a post-conflict region where women and children have suffered the unimaginable and struggle to survive and prosper. Through social, political and economic efforts, the WGE Fund enables these women to start and effectively manage their own businesses, allowing them to make a living for themselves and their families while supporting other women and rebuilding war-torn communities. Learn more about how you can help.


Needless to say, our team left the event last night feeling inspired. We’d like to extend sincere thanks to these three amazing groups who joined us to help the Altitude Digital team get more involved in our community and help those in need.


By Niki Hale
Marketing Associate


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