Online ad networks have been taking huge strides into real time bidding advertising. However, one potentially untapped market for real time bidding platform services is mobile. The mobile explosion means that more people are using their phones to access the Internet, wherever they are. This is valuable data that could bring about a renaissance for mobile advertising. In fact, a recent article at Business Inside explains how it could save the entire industry.

The article outlines four very important reasons why mobile advertising and real time bidding advertising ought to go hand in hand. Real time bidding advertising makes advertising optimization easier on mobile because it creates efficiency. As the article states, “The glut of ad inventory as global audiences rush into mobile has dragged on mobile display ad CPMs.” However, real time bidding can create the scale needed to make mobile advertising more effective.

Location data is another huge boon of mobile advertising that any real time bidding platform can take advantage of. Advertisers can use that location data to target ads even more perfectly. As the article points out, “On mobile, RTB could be extremely powerful  because consumers take their devices everywhere — to the mall, the car dealership, Starbucks, etc.” In addition to getting ads targeted toward their recent mobile web behavior, the ads would also be targeted to the consumer’s location, making these ads a powerful tool for local businesses.

“Believers in RTB and programmatic for mobile say they are making giant strides in perfecting their technologies, so they’ll have the ability to leverage consumer data on mobile and track users as they do on PCs,” says the article. As the article points out, mobile advertisers need to be especially sensitive to privacy issues. However, including data like location and demographic information could help make bidding more efficient.

The article explains that mobile advertising is already seeing higher CPMs through real time bidding advertising than on traditional ad networks. It seems as though people on both sides of the real time bidding advertising equation are ready to jump in with both feet.

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