Small BizA recent article on explains how digital marketing investments by small businesses are rising. These markets include social media, websites and online ads. This information comes from the 2013 AT&T Small Business Technology Poll that surveyed 1,000 nationwide small businesses.

According to the article, small businesses seem to be more invested in LinkedIn rather than Facebook because that social platform is considered to be an affordable and easy way to create awareness, engage with others in the respective industries. Over 80 percent of small businesses and 93 percent of startups also use word-of-mouth.

AT&T’s Executive Vice President of Small Business Solutions Cathy Martine commented that digital marketing holds incredible opportunity and value for U.S. small businesses.

“[…They] are clearly increasing their presence as a way to gain access to new customers. With a variety of digital tools such as email, websites and social media, coupled with the ability to both deliver and access them from mobile devices, small businesses are building new connections without borders.”

According to the article, the poll also revealed that many small businesses plan to expand their online and digital presences. Online advertising companies like Altitude Digital can benefit from this expansion and provide further exposure to wider audiences. As more small companies require better advertising optimization, Altitude Digital can provide video preroll ads and a real-time bidding platform with which to optimize and monetize those ads. This is particularly true because the poll also suggested that more small businesses are turning toward “mobile-friendly” advertisements and marketing.

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