Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 4.20.03 PMAltitude was recently featured in Adweek’s 2016 Digital Video Guide. This annual publication gives platforms, publishers and content creators an opportunity to showcase their latest products and services.

With the recent launch of our ARENA® Programmatic Video Platform, it was a great opporuntity to share how our new platform is not only giving more control and better margins to publishers, but also allowing advertisers to target higher quality inventory that aligns with their growing brand-safety, viewability and performance standards.

“Ultimately, advertisers can simplify operations and access inventory at scale that meets brand-safety and viewability requirements directly from the publisher’s platform”

Read the full coverage in the 2016 Adweek Digital Video Guide, and check out our ARENA® Programmatic Video Platform page to learn how you can boost your programmatic video performance.