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They say a picture is worth a thousands words, but what about videos? Scaled down, a video is just a lot of pictures—worth many words, we assume—packed together in a dynamic medium with extreme potential to leave a lasting impression.

Marketers have not overlooked this fact nor the fact that people are more connected than ever before through mobile devices. The result is a rapidly proliferating market for mobile video content that up until now has had one small caveat: a lack of an efficient system that links marketers with ad-buyers. This could all change with Altitude Digital’s launch of its new Altitude Mobile platform.

The mobile platform is aimed at making marketers lives easier by connecting them with clients who want what they have. This means that massive mobile Web video inventories that have been gathering dust can now find a home with qualified buyers. Altitude estimates monthly mobile Web video opportunities of about 20 billion, with an additional 2.5 billion in-app opportunities.

On top of helping connect mobile video content buyers and sellers, Altitude’s mobile platform will try to ensure content relevance to clients and their targeted audiences. One of the biggest hurdles facing advertisers today is finding a way to pinpoint desired demographics and users, a  problem that is only augmented by a lack of connectivity between mobile video inventories and buyers.

“Mobile video is growing significantly, and both publishers and advertisers need solutions for delivering the best ad experience to consumers,” said Jeremy Ostermiller, CEO of Altitude Digital. With mobile video supplies now ranging in the billions, advertisers can funnel their efforts into accomplishing their goals rather than planning around the content available to them. This will allow companies to streamline their efforts in transforming marketing costs into a noticeable profit.

With the extraordinary wealth of mobile video content available, and with the Altitute’d new mobile platform in place, the power of on-the-go video content can be harnessed in a more streamlined way. Mobile video content has never been lacking in numbers, just in a good way to put it to use, a problem that the new mobile platform will hopefully alleviate.

Dominick Sorrentino is an editor for TMC and its technology and communications properties.