As part of our ongoing effort to create a higher quality and more transparent video marketplace, we are excited to announce that Altitude Digital is now a supporting member of the OpenVV initiative.

OpenVV, or the “Open Video Viewability” initiative,  is a simple solution for video viewability that can be easily adopted across the digital video ecosystem. It measures the portion of a video ad that is in view and the amount of time the ad is in view. Recently put under the management of the IAB Tech Lab, along with the support of over 30 industry leaders, OpenVV’s ultimate goal is to develop open source code that enables streamlined measurement of the Media Rating Council (MRC) viewable impression standard for video advertising.

mpuentes220x220“Altitude Digital fully supports standardization and open solutions to solve real problems. We believe OpenVV will drive innovation and unify the digital advertising community. Transparent measurement allows for premium viewable video inventory to be appropriately valued and sold to brands looking to reach engaged audiences.” – Manny Puentes, CTO

If you’re actively interested in furthering the goal of creating a single digital viewability technology standard, contact the Open Video Viewability initiative and get involved today.