(As posted on Adotas)

Recent Integrations Allow Marketers to Verify Impressions With the Third-party Tools of Their Choice.

Altitude Digital, an independent programmatic video platform, has announced a premium video inventory guarantee, giving advertisers the option of only paying for 100% viewable, fraud-free, and brand-safe advertising impressions. Altitude has fully integrated with leading viewability and fraud verification tools, allowing advertisers who participate in the guarantee to buy with confidence and select the integrated verification vendor of their choice. The platform combines pre-bid filtering and blocking and third-party post-campaign verification to ensure delivery of the guarantee.

Altitude has been a pioneering force in developing technology that helps both publishers and advertisers maximize the opportunity within the growing video advertising landscape. The guarantee follows earlier efforts to provide fraud-free and brand-safe environments for advertisers, while helping publishers better optimize their inventory.

Most recently, the company launched first-of-its-kind pre-opportunity viewability filtering and targeting for video, helping publishers grow their revenue through increased control of their viewable video ad impressions while simultaneously ensuring advertisers can target viewable impressions and eliminate wasted spend. Previously, they pioneered proactive fraud-free safeguards for campaigns before they run. With these quality-enhancing partnerships in place, Altitude Digital is in a unique position to offer advertisers the choice to select their own preferred quality assurance partners and, in turn, guarantee a quality video environment as verified by those partners.

“As spending in video advertising increases, viewability rates and campaign performance will continued to be scrutinized,” said Jeremy Ostermiller, CEO of Altitude Digital (pictured top left). “To assure advertisers that they’re getting the best inventory and driving ROI on their video advertising, we’re making more data accessible to publishers so that they can manage their inventory the same way advertisers optimize their buys. Our focus on anti-fraud, viewability and safety integrations is another step in helping both parties better interpret and measure on-site advertising performance.”