(As posted on GlobeNewswire)

DENVER, Jan. 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FORTRUST, a leading data center and colocation services provider, has been selected by Altitude Digital as part of a strategic move to take their platform out of the cloud and into a data center. Altitude Digital has reinvented their ARENA™ programmatic platform to provide publishers with more control, demand, and insight to optimize video, mobile, and display inventory in a more powerful and intelligent video advertising solution.

Seeking increased control, flexibility, and predictable pricing, Altitude Digital chose to focus on infrastructure as a core competency and move from the cloud into a data center. Built on big data, Altitude Digital needed a powerful data center that could handle the load of information, provide effective, multilayered security, and deliver consistent availability without interruption.

“FORTRUST’s combination of top-of-the-line infrastructure and our highly trained operations team allows us to readily accommodate big data’s high density requirements,” states Josh Moody, FORTRUST’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “We are honored to be able to count Altitude Digital among the many satisfied big data companies currently colocating at our facility.”

“We process billions of events every day and need a reliable infrastructure to support our business,” said Manny Puentes, CTO of Altitude Digital. “FORTRUST provides the dependable uptime, enhanced security, and control we need in a colocation partner.”