The Current State of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic’s undeniable efficiency, unparalleled ability to pair rich audience data with ad inventory and improved audience-targeting capabilities have created widespread adoption among both advertisers and publishers. In a recent report titled “US Programmatic Advertising: Seven Things Buyers and Sellers Need to Know Now,” eMarketer examines the latest trends in the ever-evolving programmatic landscape.

As the industry continues to shift toward more automation, here are some of the main trends both publishers and advertisers should be aware of:

  • As programmatic technology matures, it is expanding its application to newer channels and formats. Significant growth will occur in both programmatic native as well as programmatic TV.
  • Targeting will become more focused and efficient, allowing marketers to create more dynamic, data-driven creative.
  • Buyers and sellers will continue to streamline their operations and cut out unnecessary technology and middlemen. The demand for holistic cross-screen solutions will be at an all-time high.
  • Fraud, viewability and ad blockers will continue to be addressed head on through the creation of greater standards and technology.
  • New programmatic implementations such as header bidding will steer us toward true, unified programmatic auctions at scale.

The Growth of Programmatic Direct

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.46.12 PMAnother significant trend is the rapid adoption of programmatic direct. In 2016, programmatic direct ad dollars will exceed real-time bidding (RTB) dollars for the second consecutive year. Reasons for this include the rise on nonauction-based programmatic buying on social sites like Facebook and Twitter; the use of programmatic guarantees that mirror traditional direct-sold campaigns; and the rapidly improving yield management capabilities.

“Right now, you’re seeing a lot of advertisers wanting to work with direct inventory providers, and you’re also seeing each of the platforms wanting to connect directly and get rid of intermediate platforms.” – Manny Puentes, CTO, Altitude Digital.

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“US Programmatic Advertising: Seven Things Buyers and Sellers Need to Know Now” is an excellent resource for those looking to catch up on the latest digital advertising trends. You can find more excerpts, as well as information on accessing the full version here.