Our Commitment to Quality

Online advertising is transforming the way advertisers deliver and engage with customers. Video advertising continues to be a chosen medium for highly engaging brand advertising. Unfortunately challenges around quality, both concerns around fraud and viewability, have constrained the growth of video advertising and have created confusion in the market.

Altitude Digital is joining other leading ad technology companies in building a safe, effective and transparent experience for advertisers. Our vision is to be an innovation leader in the creation of a more authentic and efficient online advertising marketplace.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe quality marketplaces provide fraud prevention, viewability measurement and transparency to both advertisers and publishers.
  • We believe in equipping both advertisers and publishers with the same data to be informed buyers and sellers.
  • We support initiatives that foster healthy marketplaces including IAB’s QAG Certification, Open Video Viewability Standard and MRC guidelines.
  • We believe in leveraging the best of class third party technology in our platform and have partnered with Integral Ad Science to provide data and quality insights to publishers and advertisers.

Our Commitment

  • We proactively screen new publishers and placements to ensure compliance with industry standards and Altitude’s Code of Conduct.
  • We provide transparent reporting from best of class third party vendors to both supply and demand partners to make informed decisions.
  • We take immediate action when advertisers report unsatisfactory performance based on campaign reporting.
  • We proactively audit our supply sources and take immediate action when partners are not complying with our policy and industry best practices.