We are proud to announce that Altitude Digital has joined Integral Ad Science’s Certified Viewability Partner Program. As members of the CVPP, we aim to eliminate publisher and advertiser billing discrepancies by transacting on Integral’s discrepancy-free viewability measurement.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.19.09 AMTraditionally, media quality measurement relies on data from either the advertiser side or the publisher side, resulting in discrepancies of up to 20 percent. Discrepancies lead to significant issues for both sides of the sale, including transacting, planning and optimizing on quality media.

Joining the Certified Viewability Partner Program removes the issues by providing a single, accurate, discrepancy-free number on which both sides agree. Integral is the only third-party advertising verification company that is able to measure and report based on a single number.

“We’re committed to building a more transparent and effective digital marketplace, and we’re proud to partner with Integral Ad Science on these initiatives,” said Manny Puentes, CTO. “The Certified Viewability Partner Program strengthens our ability to help buyers and sellers seamlessly transact.”

Learn more about this exciting new program on IntegralAds.com.