We Built Our Platform
for Publishers

Publishers have been at a disadvantage for far too long, lacking the transparency and tools necessary to maximize their inventory. With Altitude ARENA®, publishers can manage their online advertising and gain more insight with a powerful and transparent video programmatic platform.

Being a Publisher Isn't Easy

It’s predicted that the majority of video ads will be sold programmatically. Unfortunately for publishers, 10 times more has been invested in advertiser platforms. Publishers are at a disadvantage and need better technology and data to level the playing field.

Technology Tax

The Black Box

Fraud & Viewability


Publishers are losing 40% margins through middlemen.

Publishers don't have access to all the data advertisers care about.

Publishers don’t have all the verification tools to protect from advertiser clawbacks.

Publishers spend too much time on ad operations versus revenue strategy.

The Altitude Difference

Package Your Inventory The platform allows you to sell through Programmatic Direct, Private Marketplaces or your own RTB Exchange.

Understand Your Inventory Real-time analytics through a single, intuitive platform

Increase Margins By operating your own platform on your terms, you can eliminate unnecessary fees and the hassle of working with multiple partners.

Access Demand Hundreds of active programmatic video buyers are integrated within the Altitude Digital exchange.

Partner to the Publisher

When you partner with us, you get more than monetization strategy. Our team of programmatic experts use decades of industry experience to help you manage and maximize your campaigns for success.

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