Powerful new video analytics, reporting and business-changing insights

At Altitude Digital, we are committed to building smarter and more powerful video technology. In line with that mission, we took a huge step with the release of our completely redesigned ARENA Supply Side Platform. This new platform puts the power of big data into publishers’ hands, enabling them to improve optimization and revenue performance on their desktop video ad placements.

The completely redesigned dashboard provides an intuitive interface to let publishers see their most important analytics at a glance:

ARENA Video Supply Side Platform Dashboard


The dashboard displays “always-on” reporting and analytics: All data is updated every 30 minutes (including weekends and holidays). The dashboard and custom report builder also feature time-zone support, so publishers can see, find, and analyze the data they need in the format they need.

The dashboard provides a drill-down into site- and placement-level analytics, as well as geographic breakout by country in a fully interactive map view:

Geography View ARENA SSP


A custom report builder also allows the easy export of data in .CSV and Excel formats, and allows users to schedule reports for future and recurring delivery. Unique slicing tools provide the ability to pivot across buyer, domain, and geographic data, and reorder each data point to get new perspectives on traditional analytics:

Video Slicer Analytics

Every feature of the new platform was designed to provide accessible and useful insights about publisher video ad performance and make it easy to find opportunities to optimize and improve. We’re excited to share the platform with publishers and give them the big data tools they need to build their businesses.

Ready to get started? Contact us to see a live demo of the new dashboard or get setup with an account.

lgalloway_220x220By Lindsey Galloway
Director of Product Communications

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