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Understand your audience across devices

Mobile is the fastest growing segment in digital advertising, and we’re working to bring more mobile-first data directly to Altitude ARENA®, the industry’s fastest and most versatile reporting dashboard.

We recently released the following new reporting capabilities in the Publisher dashboard:

More Detailed Device Breakout. We’ve further broken out the mobile category within the Device slice to include Smartphone and Tablet alongside Desktop.

Operating System. This slice will display either the mobile or desktop operating system of the user, including Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, Linux and BlackBerry.

App Name and App Bundle. When an ad is served within a mobile app, these slices will give the title or Bundle ID of the app where it appeared.

More Metrics and Geo Data

We’ve also released new geo slices, giving you more insight into exactly where your traffic is coming from. We’ve added “State/Region,” “DMA” (Designated Marketing Area), and “City” as additional slices in the dashboard.

You can also find quartile metrics, from 25% to 100%, so you can understand overall completion rates for your inventory. Select which quartile data segment or segments you want to see and click “Run Preview” to see the data right in the dashboard, or hit “Export Report” to see the data in .CSV or .XLS format.

Dive in today to better understand and optimize all your inventory. Not yet started on mobile within ARENA? Contact your account manager or support@altitudedigital.com to grow your revenue across devices today.

lgalloway_220x220By Lindsey Galloway
Director, Product Communications

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