See Your Data Through New Lenses

New data slices in ARENA let you see your inventory like advertisers are seeing it. By integrating with partners like Peer39 by Sizmek and Integral Ad Science, we now bring new data transparency to categories and brand safety. Check out this data with two new data slices added to ARENA:

IAB Category
In partnership with Peer39 by Sizmek, we identify the strongest topic category on an opportunity by opportunity basis based on semantic analysis of the page. See what categories have the highest fill rate or CPM, or use the slicer to uncover other interesting data.
IAB Categories for Publishers

Publishers can use this data to create more content around their strongest performing topics and provide it to their sales teams to effectively package inventory.

Opportunity Filter
We’ve recently expanded our partnership with Integral Ad Science to ensure we only serve ads in Brand Safe environments. When an opportunity is flagged as not Brand Safe, we’ll highlight this information in the Opportunity Filter. In addition, we’ll highlight when we didn’t have an ad or when an opportunity was blocked due to a domain not meeting include/exclude domain lists from a demand partner.

Integral Ad Science Brand Safety

These specialized data points are available free of charge, and allow publishers more insight to further manage, package and merchandize their inventory in the most effective ways.

lgalloway_220x220By Lindsey Galloway
Director, Product Communications

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