“Big Data” is no longer a buzzword.

No matter your company size, it’s now or never to invest in big data technologies or risk being left behind. As businesses become increasingly data-driven, their efficiency and revenue will overpower competitors who failed to take advantage of big data. But, where to begin?

Manny Puentes, Chief Technology Officer of Altitude Digital, recognizes that the world of big data can seem quite daunting at first. He discusses the urgent need for the adoption of big data platforms on Forbes, outlining his insightful guide with a few overarching themes:

  • Start small (and free). Open-source software is free, which makes it low risk to experiment.
  • Get familiar with the ecosystem. Find a partner that packages solutions together and offers training and support.
  • Recognize the stakeholders. Being data-driven is an investment, so be data-driven to convince stakeholders of the value.
  • Invest in people. Talent and expertise are absolutely essential to a successful big data strategy.

Read the full article as published on Forbes.


By Niki Hale
Marketing & Design Associate