Altitude Digital’s latest release brings Video and Display inventory analytics together in the industry’s fastest supply side platform

The digital advertising business runs in real-time, so why should its data be hours behind? At Altitude Digital, we believe data needs to keep pace with the speed of business, which is why we’ve built real-time reporting for both display and online video advertising within the ARENA Supply Side Platform.

The latest addition of display reporting features new metrics like clicks and click-through-rate so that publishers can keep track of both their video and display business metrics in one easy-to-use platform.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 8.48.07 AM

Publishers can also easily segment the dashboard view with the new “Media Type” filter in the left-hand column by selecting either “Video” or “Display”, or both.

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In addition, “Media Type” is now a selectable data pivot in our industry-unique Slicer feature, so publishers can discover metrics specific to their Video or Display inventory that they won’t find in any other platform. For instance, thanks to our partnership with Integral Ad Science, publishers can see the non-human traffic breakout across their display and video inventory.

Non-Human Traffic

The flexible report builder also lets publishers see the metrics that matter the most to them–like CTR and total clicks on display-only inventory.

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As the fastest dashboard in the advertising industry, ARENA updates all publisher data in real-time and exported reports finish running in seconds.

Publishers can finally take advantage of Big Data insights they won’t see anywhere else. By bringing display and video inventory together in ARENA, we are empowering publishers to manage their businesses from a single platform. Publishers can finally get both high-level and micro-level insights at a glance and make business-changing optimizations to their inventory in real time.

For a demo of ARENA and these new data features, contact us.

lgalloway_220x220By Lindsey Galloway
Director, Product Communications

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