CTO Manny Puentes recently spoke to industry leaders on how we use big data to solve pressing issues in video advertising

manny puentes big data

Manny Puentes speaks to a sold-out crowd during the Big Data Everywhere Phoenix event.

At Altitude Digital, we have only fractions of a second to decide what video ad to play for the right person at the right time… and we have to do it millions of time per day.

In order to do this at scale, we’ve built a data pipeline that can handle and process billions of events. CTO Manny Puentes recently spoke about this pipeline at the Big Data Everywhere events in New York City and Phoenix, highlighting the practical and business application of big data technologies.

“The right big data platform & pipeline lets us solve for industry issues like viewability and fraud programmatically,” said Manny. “It also lets us give clients real-time analytics and insights in an easy-to-use dashboard.”

The pipeline kicks off when the video player sends transaction data (like ad opportunities and impressions) to our events server. The pipeline then uses Kafka for the messaging queue, a custom ETL process to transform and load the data, MapR as the core Hadoop data platform, and Druid for time-series data analysis and the user application.


“You want to keep your data pipeline as simple as possible,” advised Manny. Needless complication only slows down the transaction time and introduces more possible points of failure, especially when you need to guarantee your clients accurate data. Manny also demoed the ARENA Programmatic platform to show how quick key metrics can be accessed and how malleable the information becomes in ARENA’s unique Data Slicer, where data slices like Hour, Country, or Non-Human traffic can easily be dragged and dropped to answer different types of data questions without needing spreadsheets.

The full presentation can be downloaded here.


By Lindsey Galloway
Sr. Director, Product Communications

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