Put the most powerful programmatic dashboard to work for your business

Programmatic Platform

The ARENA® Programmatic Platform lets you manage your digital video business with intuitive tools and the most powerful reporting in the industry. The platform management dashboard lets you understand every aspect of your programmatic business with the industry-unique Data Slicer, new visualizations, and the latest brand safety information about your traffic.

Learn how to dive into these data points in our latest webinar recording. This webinar will walk through all the ways to grow and manage your business using ARENA, including how to:

* See both your supply- and demand-side reporting in one place

* Add your own third-party trackers like Omniture and Google Analytics

* Implement our many brand safety partners (and see the reporting all in one dashboard)

* Troubleshoot low fill with our hourly reporting, category filters, size, propreitary TrueURL detection and more

* Protect your revenue with our player viewability targeting and reporting

Click here to view this recording and start using ARENA’s in-depth reporting to jumpstart your revenue today.

kgill2_220x220By Kerrie Gill
Product Specialist

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