Outstream Video Solutions

Publishers can expand their video advertising inventory beyond pre-roll with our innovative InContent, InPicture and InSlide outstream video ad units. Our customizable video solutions utilize both HTML5 and Flash, allowing publishers to deliver high-impact video experiences across both desktop and mobile devices.

Altitude InPicture

Our first-of-its-kind outstream video player emulates a native advertising experience by delivering video ads over existing editorial images. This unique functionality allows publishers to expand their video inventory without redesigning or replacing existing content and ad placements. Additionally, ads only play when at least 50 percent in view and revert back to the existing image upon completion.

Altitude InContent

This outstream video ad unit expands within an article once that placement area becomes at least 50 percent in view. When the video ad completes, the unit collapses back into the article, maintaining a positive consumer experience while helping publishers grow their video inventory.

Altitude InSlide

InSlide enters from a selected corner of a page and remains statically in view until the ad is completed. When the video ends, the player slides out of the page, returning the consumer to their browsing experience.