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Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.33.32 AMFacebook to Start Grading Ads’ Results Across Its Mobile App Network

Facebook is instituting something called “Advertiser Outcome Scores” which will give performance scores for app publishers in its ad network, grading how well their inventory achieves advertiser objectives like driving downloads or selling products. The goal is for publishers to use this data to improve their ad units’ effectiveness by tweaking their location within apps. App developers that don’t find a way to improve their scores risk Facebook serving them fewer ads and losing out on revenue. Learn more.

Google Unveils Project to Load Mobile Web Pages Faster (And Let Publishers Keep Control of Ads)

Publishers will soon have another platform to distribute their content. Google’s new “Accelerated Mobile Pages Project,” is aimed at drastically lowering mobile page time loads, which have become an increasing concern as lengthy waits are blamed on ad tech and accused of driving consumers to install ad blockers. It is currently being tested by large publishing platforms (Conde Nast, NY Times etc.) but will roll out to the public at a later date. Learn more.

With Digital Ads Shifting to HTML5, the Industry Now Has a New Set of Guidelines

As part of digital advertising’s shift from Flash to HTML5, the IAB has updated its guidelines for brand marketers and technologists on how to best employ HTML5 software. According the IAB SVP Scott Cunningham, “It gives us an opportunity for cross-screen digital security layers and better optimized—from a technical perspective—delivery mechanisms. It is a fresh update to the guidelines that were established a couple of years ago. Learn more.

Industry Insight


What Will Win the Ad War? Technology, or Creativity and Transparency?

Advertising Week was filled insight on two main issues facing the digital advertising space: ad blocking and ad fraud. Proposed solutions seemed to boil down to 1) better creativity and content to deter ad blocking and 2) more transparency to combat fraud. However, many experts believe the solutions are more intricate, otherwise we may end up in an ongoing engineering battle. Ad Age goes in depth on all sides of the argument in this thought-provoking article on the future of the “ad war.” Learn more.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.33.39 AMProgrammatic Trends Spotted at DMEXCO 2015

DMEXCO 2015 was filled with insights on the Internet of Things, content marketing strategies and what’s next for mobile and programmatic TV. Issues like fraud and viewability were also hot topics of discussion. In case you missed out, our very own Lindsey Galloway breaks down some of the most important takeaways from this year’s conference in a recent blog post. Learn more.

Brands Integrate Video Into Email To Capitalize On Engagement

According to recent reports, email CTRs increase by 200% – 300% when marketers include video. Furthermore, companies that have incorporated video into their sites have also seen increases in engagement and conversion rates. On average, users stay on websites for 2 minutes longer than those who don’t have videos, claims comScore. Learn more.